Here at Dreams To Reality (DTR) we are a small but thorough shop for your Hotrod, Classic or Custom. We can handle any aspect of your project from just spring tune ups for the season all the way to a frame off rotisserie show car. We are located in between Reading and Allentown PA in the heart of berks county. This shop was started with a dream of being fair and honest while helping build cars suited for every level of our customers budgets from a small paint repair all the way to a high end show car. Our main concern is communication with our customers so every aspect of the build gets handled correctly and everyone is happy at the end of the day. We are a small 3 man shop and do two cars at a time which means you don’t have to worry about your vehicle sitting around and not being worked on. Every project is handled correctly from the initial planning of the job to making sure money is spent correctly and parts of the job don’t get done multiple times wasting the budget.

 If you are looking for a reliable shop to handle your next project give us a call!